The Polish Larp Conference, abbreviated to KOLA (KOnferencja LArpowa), is one of the most important events for the Polish role playing community. Held annually for the past six years, the event is a platform where organisers, creators and players exchange their knowledge, inspirations and experiences. KOLA is a place where the newest projects and initiatives are announced, so numerous authors treat it as a source of knowledge about recent trends and novelties in the field. When somebody needs to find some information or just broaden their knowledge, the official conference publication is usually suggested as an important resource.

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Every year KOLA takes place in a different city, with organizers passing the beacon to each other. It kicked off in Wrocław and after a couple of years of traveling round Poland, it’s back to the city that calls itself the Meeting Place. During that time the nearer and further larp surrounding undertake quite a few changes. We see this homecoming as a good moment to take a step back and digest what has changed, consolidate this new vision and summarize our findings.

Thus, this eighth conference undertakes the theme “In the circle of larp”, as we want to focus on the pure craft of larp-creation. So, firstly, the publication which we aspire to build as a manual for new and experienced creators. We want it to cover the larp-crafting process from the top down, describe what’s and how’s, make artists aware of the pitfalls as well as provide a bunch of best practice. We want it to become a reference point for practitioners in upcoming, and many, years. Secondly, the on-site program (workshops, presentation, lectures) are to be the energizing mind exchange between larpers. We want to cut off various complementary forms (i.e. psychodramas), and focus on the pure craft, the essentials of larping. With almost 100 attendees, one can expect deep-in-content discussion over these 3 days.

Date: 15-17 February 2019
Place: University of Wrocław, pl. Nankiera 15, Wrocław, Poland.
Cost: Free of charge. Conference is open, but we are not providing acomodation or food. You will need to find a place to stay, but Wrocław is no short of nice and affordable hostels, hotels and dining places.

Having said all of this, after the enormously long preword, let me invite you warmly to Wrocław. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a message at or on Facebook.