Language information for foreigners

At KOLA 2018, the working language will be Polish.

For several years now, Polish larpers have participated in Knudepunkt and other international events, there is also a brand new Larp Design Conference in Krobielowice. That is why we believe it is time for KOLA to retrace its steps and concentrate on its roots, meaning: to once again become an event aimed primarily at Polish larp community.

We are aware that English-language programme can hinder many Poles from fully participating in the conference. We also know that we are not able to provide adequate language support for our foreign guests, especially during workshops and panel discussions. That is why we decided that this year KOLA would be organized entirely in Polish.

We are also aware that many of our international friends, interested in Polish larp scene, have extensive contacts in our community. Should any of you wish to participate and are able to request language assistance from a Polish-speaking friend, you are more that welcome to join us.